Reverse engineering


NOVAMECH - Can laser scan your existing mould tool and produce Solid CAD parts (in which ever format you may require) to 0.1mm.



Remould tool/>


This is suitable where the client has:-

Based on 3D CAD modelling from existing component geometry, NOVAMECH has the tools and skills to capture your existing physical component and produce accurate information to reverse engineer.
The PolyWORKS V12  Modeller is a comprehensive modelling solution that enables a total interoperability between our point cloud digitising equipment - the  ROMER Absolute arm and mainstream CAD platforms.Whether the solution is a polygonal model, surface model (NURBS), or Parametric native CAD solid model, NOVAMECH engineers can deliver your solution.The PolyWorks Modeller offers us the optimal process that ensures the fastest lead-time.

The process involves:-


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