ZF5010 Laser Scanner


Using our ZF5010 Laser Scanner we capture industrial plant, equipment or infrastructure asset into a 3D Point Cloud.

The HDS Scanner has a range up to 187 metres with a single point accuracy under 1mm at 40m, capturing a field of view horizontally of 360 degrees and vertically of 270 degrees.

The Zoller + Fröhlich 5010 the fastest & most accurate machine in New Zealand at present. Each scan takes 3 minutes.








Pipe systems:

Post terrestrial laser scanning;  NOVAMECH uses Cyclone 8.0, PolyWorks v12 and SolidWorks Pipe routeing software to design additional pipe routes within the existing piping system.


The scanner captures accurate 3-dimensional data, enabling effective management of these valuable assets throughout their intended life.

Civil, Architectural & Construction:

Post terrestrial laser scanning captures large amounts of accurate data quickly and extracts from this only what is required. Additional data can be obtained without the need to re-scan.