Leica HDS 6100

Z+F 5010



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Equipment hire


Each day package comes with the following:

  • Scanner Tripod - Aluminum (topple proof tripod must be used when using the scanner).
  • Scanner Battery Charger Unit, plus x1 extra battery.
  • Tribrach.
  • DSLR Canon Camera with Fish Eye Len.
  • Ninja Nodal camera bracket.
  • x 4 Tilt and Turn (Black & White) Targets.       
  • Assortment of magnetic (Black & White) Targets, plus tape.

Either the NEW Z+F 5010 instruments or the Leica HDS 6100 - each scanner comes with all equipment required to undertake a scanner project at day rate package.

Also the DPi-7 Handheld Tablet Scanner. Ideal for small plant rooms where quick measurement of the entire room is required (without a tape measure) -  to approximately 10mm accuracy, unsuitable for scanning in direct sunlight.



  • Firms Hiring Scanners must be trained in there operation and safe use.
  • Training can be arranged on the job if practical or at NOVAMECH's office. Additional, training fees apply. Please, ask for costing on this.
  • Both Machines are more than adequate for most if not all scanning projects you may like to under take. The Z+F unit is the fastest and most accurate in New Zealand for hire at the current time.
  • Each machine is a Phase Based laser - which insures clean edges while scanning congested plant rooms or complex city cityscapes.
  • The Leica - HDS6100 has an accuracy of 2mm (under 25m) with a scan range of 78m at 500k points per second. Recommended, scan position time 6 minutes.
  • Zoller + Frohlich - Z+F5010 has an accuracy of ≤ 1mm (under 40m) with a scan range of 187.3m at 1million points per second. Recommended, scan position time 3 minutes.

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