Measurement and Inspection

With the Romer Arm Portable CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) and advanced inspection software PolyWORKS V12, NOVAMECH can provide a cost effective measurement and inspection service.

NOVAMECH can receive components for inspection at our office or travel to any location to measure larger components that are impractical to ship to us. The size of the component is of little significance as the advanced nature of PolyWORKS V12 allows multiple measurement positions and ensures total accuracy from device position to device position

We can either Hard Probe components primitive features (i.e. faces, planes, holes, slots) to an accuracy of 0.05mm or if a part has a more organic shape we can employ the integrated laser at an accuracy of 0.1mm. 

Typical deliverables are detailed CAD part to physical part comparisons. These findings are recorded in a concise report.

The CAD package that we use is PolyWORKS – Inspector, used by the top global manufacturers such as Boeing, NASA, Bell Helicopters, GM and VW.

Typical Measuring Applications: