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When it comes to processes such as architectural design, land and property evaluation, and surveying, there have been considerable advances in technology. Among the new options, 3D laser scanning is a versatile technology which can be used in numerous ways to aid in the collection of data about a specific location, as well as with the design and construction of new buildings. 3D scanning companies in Auckland use this technology to create lifelike images of an existing building, piece of land or location to make well-informed calculations.

A 3D laser survey in Auckland involves the use of high-speed 3D scanners to capture data and images in real time to deliver highly accurate models of a location before or after construction. This approach is helpful in many industries including architecture, logistics, transportation, construction, aviation, water, and bridge design. The exact type of technology used depends on various factors such as the industry and the client’s specific needs. For instance, in architecture, the scan service can superimpose an image of the building on the land using precise specifications to see exactly what the completed project will look like. This is only one of the applications of this versatile technology.

Using 3D laser scanning in surveying

In surveying, this technology is used to evaluate existing conditions and help plan and design the project. It gives the designers a way to see the conditions of the site and make decisions accordingly. They can view the results of our service on a computer and incorporate them into a 3D model without having to revisit the site. Using 3D laser scanning technology, companies enjoy benefits such as decreased field time, more accurate special reconstruction, increased visibility, and more precise data.

These benefits transfer to clients as well. Clients gain incredibly accurate data that they can manipulate and apply to schematics, which takes less time and delivers more precise results when planning construction or renovation. The scan provides an accurate depiction of the space, allowing clients to apply the data in models accordingly. Clients also enjoy lower overall risk, reduced costs, decreased work, fewer site visits, better information management and more.

Where to find a 3D scan service in Auckland

If you need a 3D laser survey or otherwise require 3D imaging instruments, NOVAMECH can help. We know how vital the right data is to the finished project, so we use 3D imaging instruments in a range of services including laser scanning, 3D spatial analysis, CAD modelling, CMM inspections, reverse engineering and more. We have extensive experience working with a variety of large corporate clients across a diverse range of sectors such as civil engineering, building and construction, onshore and offshore gas, space technology, power generation and local government. With the most up-to-date equipment and the ability to problem-solve onsite, work efficiently, understand client needs and deliver on time and on budget, NOVAMECH offers innovative solutions to even the most complex problems. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.


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