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Top 3D Laser Scanning Service Provider in Christchurch

It’s a real problem. An essential part of your machinery is ageing, and your staff is telling you it’s going to need replacement soon. Only when the part was replaced years ago, it was changed in significant ways, but no one kept any records or documentation about that change. You know no parts supplier is going to have an accurate replacement for you so what are you going to do?

The answer is 3D laser scanning. It’s a technology that can accurately help create models of any ageing or changed machinery which makes them easier to reproduce in a much faster and more economical manner. Laser scanning can also be used in marine situations, in surveying large contoured areas, and in civil engineering to name only a few other possibilities.

Interested in what laser scanning might be able to do for you? Contact NOVAMECH, the top 3D laser scanning service provider in Christchurch and New Zealand.

When you need 3D laser scanning Christchurch

3D laser scanning uses a laser light to record information from the surface of an object accurately. It creates a “point cloud” of data that allows you to build a computer-generated 3D model with the exact size and shape of the object. You can also use 3D laser scanning in Christchurch for accurately surveying areas of land that are geometrically complex and challenging to do using traditional methods.

As mentioned above 3D laser scanning has a wide variety of applications. For instance, we can combine information from the point cloud data with the appropriate software to help design new routes for pipes within an existing system. Our scanning equipment allows us to create precise 3D renderings of infrastructure which helps you to better manage these assets throughout their time in service. Terrestrial laser scanning quickly collects data and can extract only the amount required for a particular project. Since the original scan captures such large quantities of information, should you need more data there is no need to scan again, which saves you time and money.

Laser scanning is also an excellent way to work with objects that need to be treated with great care or in situations that might be dangerous for humans. It is a non-destructive, non-intrusive and safe technology ideal for use in small congested spaces or situations where surveyors might face a greater risk if they were using traditional methods.

Let laser scanning save you time and money

We are the top laser scanning service in Christchurch and New Zealand. Over our 18 years, we have worked with a variety of industries and levels of government in the country. We do very high-quality work that is delivered on time and at a very competitive price. We care very much about giving you first-rate customer service on every project big or small.

We are prepared to provide you with all your 3D laser scanning needs from the actual scanning to the rendering of all required models. If you prefer to do your own scanning, we have the top 3D imaging equipment and software in New Zealand for hire, and we can train your staff on how to use it efficiently and safely. Please call us for any of your scanning needs for top-quality service at a competitive price.


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