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Find Top 3D Imaging Equipment for Hire in Wellington

When you work in industry or government, you might find yourself in a situation where you know a survey of equipment or land using 3D laser scanning is going to give you the best results. You either want to work with a top-quality firm who can carry out the project from scanning to creating models or reports for you or you want to be able to hire the needed equipment and train your people to use it.

It's probably much better to go for the former option. Working with professionals who have deep knowledge and experience in using 3D imaging equipment in Wellington or anywhere in New Zealand is almost always the option that will produce the best results for you. There may be situations, however, for financial or other reasons when you need to rent 3D imaging equipment to perform surveys on your own. In either case, the best company for you to work with is New Zealand’s leading 3D imaging company NOVAMECH.

Using 3D imaging in Wellington for your business or company

The applications for 3D imaging in Wellington in business or government are multiple. If your business depends on a piece of equipment that you know was specially created for a particular machine, but there is no documentation about that creation;3D imaging can create a computer-generated model that will give you the information you need. You may work in a plant that requires new pipes, but it needs to be constructed in a congested or cramped space in which it would be difficult to use a more traditional touch probe. Then 3D imaging can create a model that will enable you to do the pipework design on a computer.

3d imaging works by directing a laser onto the surface of an object (or if you’re doing terrestrial scanning, on to the geography of a larger landscape). This creates a stream of information known as a “point cloud” that allows you to produce a three-dimensional computer image of the object’s size and shape quickly and accurately. The data from the point cloud can then be used with a variety of software applications for different purposes.

3d imaging can be useful in civil engineering, architectural projects, offshore and onshore oil and gas production, regular inspection of infrastructures such as a port’s breakwater or a city’s bridges, and mapping an area for future cultural preservation or restoration.

3d imaging equipment for hire

When you require 3D scanning and imaging for a project, we can perform a complete scan and do the resulting modelling or inspection report, or you can talk to us about 3d imaging equipment for hire in Wellington if you wish to do the job on your own. If your firm doesn’t employ anyone familiar with laser scanning, talk to us about training in the safe use of the equipment.

We have the most up-to-date scanning equipment currently available in New Zealand. We offer 18 years of experience and know how as well as very competitive pricing. Call us for all your 3D imaging and scanning needs in New Zealand.


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